Building Futures: Supporting refugee children’s education

Published: March 26, 2024
UKC4C staff working with Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon as part of our Education Aid programs

Across Lebanon and Jordan, poorly funded schools and chronic poverty continue to hinder aspirations and academic achievement, particularly for those who live within refugee camps. Amidst the backdrop of conflict and upheaval, the future of countless refugee children hangs in the balance.

Access to quality education, a fundamental right and the way out of poverty, remains elusive for many. UK Care for Children (UKC4C) is at the forefront of changing this bleak reality, working tirelessly to ensure refugee children in Lebanon and Jordan can dream of a brighter tomorrow.

Bridging the Gap in Education

The educational landscape for refugee children in Lebanon is fraught with challenges. Overcrowded classrooms, insufficient resources, and the psychological toll of displacement hinder their ability to learn and grow.

UKC4C’s Education Aid campaign is a lifeline, providing the essential support needed to overcome these barriers. From refurbishing schools to supplying educational materials, UKC4C is committed to creating environments where learning thrives.

Our support extends throughout the entire education life of Palestinian refugee children – from supporting Early Years learning to supporting young adults with their university tuition fees. We also help provide specialist educational support for children with special needs.

How you can support a refugee child

Your support can transform the lives of these Palestinian refugee children (and their families and the wider community), offering them the tools they need to succeed.

Here are some contributions you could make, that could have a huge impact on their future:

  • £25 can equip a young child with a school bag, pens, pencils, and other vital materials, ensuring they have the basics to participate in class.
  • £50 a month contributes towards a child’s education costs, covering expenses that might otherwise keep them from attending school.
  • £250 a month can provide a university scholarship for a Palestinian refugee – covering their university tuition fees
  • £460 can provide a laptop and university equipment for a student, opening up a world of digital learning and opportunities.

Enable Palestinian refugee children to have a future

Education is more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s a pathway out of poverty, a means of healing, and a foundation for community building.

Through initiatives like distributing school kits, offering scholarships, and enhancing educational facilities, UKC4C ensures that Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon and Jordan have access to the education they deserve – enabling them to have a future.

Every child, regardless of their circumstances, has the right to learn and achieve their potential.

Help Palestinian refugees realise their potential. Support Education Aid.

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