Stories from the field

UKC4C’s staff work tirelessly to improve the lives of children in Jordan and Lebanon. The children, relatives and communities that we work with inspire our ideas and solutions. Every one we help, thanks to our generous donors, has a story worth sharing

What is Happening in Lebanon Now?

Lebanon was in the headlines last August due to the devastating and shocking Beirut Blast. However, before the blast and since, the country has fallen deeper and deeper into an…

Struggle and Hardship for Women Refugees

The majority of refugees or internally displaced people are women and children. This often means that female headed households are common and face additional struggles and burdens when living in…

Refugees of Beqaa Valley: Poverty and Aging in Al Jalil Camp

The Beqaa Valley is about a 2 hour drive from Beirut and is close to the Lebanese-Syrian Border. There is one recognised UN Palestinian refugee camp- Al Jalil, or Wavel…

elderly disabled beneficiary lebanon

Elderly Sitter Project

Wael is an elderly disabled man, who lives with his three young children and wife in Borj Al Shmali camp in Tyre area. Four years ago, he suffered a brain…

Dlachad - Special Needs student in Lebanon - sponsored by a UKC4C Child Sponsorship Donor

A little boy called Dalchad

“He smiled and took a picture with me and I was smitten”

Delivering aid in Lebanon - UK Care for Children

76-year-old Manwah, Burj Shemali camp

“Eid Al Adha was the last time I ate meat. Thank you my Lord!” Manwah is 76-years-old and lives alone in Burj Shemali camp in Lebanon. Manwah has been blind…

Children sponsored by UK Care for Children

English lessons in Beqaa Valley

In 2018, UK Care for Children set up a summer camp for children displaced from Syria in Western Beqaa to teach English, provide psychological support and promote Palestinian culture and…

UK Care for Children - A child from Lebanon's Beqaa Valley - Wants to be a Doctor

Hakim wants to be a Doctor

A message from Hakim, from the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon