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Education Aid

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Refugee children have the right to learn, play and gain valuable experiences in a safe educational environment. Across Lebanon and Jordan, poorly funded schools and chronic poverty continue to hinder aspirations and academic achievement, particularly for those that live within refugee camps. Thousands of children in Lebanon and Jordan are missing out on the chance to invest in their own futures; they desperately want to learn, experience the regularity of school life and escape the ongoing trauma of displacement and disadvantage.

“Everyone has the right to education.”
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26.

Our Education Aid Programme helps to provide children with the best start in life.  Our programmes are wide-ranging and include delivering school kits to children, providing scholarships, helping with school fees, funding the running costs of nurseries and schools and improving access to education for disabled students.

How you can make a difference


School Kit
Provide a child with a school bag, pens, pencils and other equipment for school


School Uniform
Provide a child with a pair of school uniforms


University Grant
Provide a monthly scholarship for student's university fees


School Equipment
Help equip a school - from books to computer labs


Specialist Educational Support
Provide support to students with special needs

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Children sponsored by UK Care for Children

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