Supporting Early Education for Palestinian Refugees

Published: December 28, 2021

The importance of education and schools cannot be overstated for refugees living in displacement. Education is a way to empower people and schools and universities are also important for community building.

UK Care for Children has been providing support to kindergartens and schools across the refugees camps in Lebanon. This support has included school kits and bags, uniforms, winter clothing and equipment for schools. We have also paid teacher salaries, supported special needs education and provided school buses.

Our team recently delivered books to kindergartens in Beirut and Beddawi and Nahr el Bared Camps in the north of Lebanon.

With the uncertainty of the Pandemic, the ongoing crisis in Lebanon and worsening poverty, many children have been unable to attend school and schools have been unable to get the resources they need. Your generosity means we can help and ensure that these little ones get a good start to the lives and their education!

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