Food Aid: Battling food insecurity among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Published: September 21, 2023

In Lebanon, a staggering 95% of Palestinian refugees who have fled Syria find themselves grappling with food insecurity.

Food insecurity remains a pervasive issue within Palestinian refugee camps, casting a shadow of uncertainty over many families. They are often confronted with the stark choice of either allocating over half of their income toward food expenses or making distressing compromises on the variety and nutritional quality of their meals to navigate the exorbitant costs of essential food items.

Recognising the escalating urgency to address the dire nutritional needs of refugees unable to meet their basic dietary requirements, we have initiated Food Aid projects. These initiatives are geared towards delivering nourishing and wholesome sustenance to both children and their families residing in Lebanon and Jordan.

These carefully curated packages are designed to sustain a family of four for an entire month.

Your generosity can play a pivotal role in alleviating the plight of those facing food insecurity, offering them a glimmer of hope and sustenance in their time of need. Donate today.

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