Back to School: Nurturing education in Lebanon, Jordan

Published: August 23, 2023
Over 700 children were given back to school supplies.

As we approach the end of summer, the excitement of returning to school is palpable across nations. In Lebanon and Jordan, this enthusiasm is tinged with the challenges students face due to underfunded schools and persistent poverty.

The educational landscape in Lebanon and Jordan bears the scars of conflicts, displacements, and economic hardships. Many students have seen their learning journeys disrupted, putting their future prospects at risk. UKC4C’s Education Aid initiative, emerges as a driving force in reshaping these circumstances. By extending support like scholarships, educational materials, and infrastructure enhancements, they are ensuring that eager young minds can access learning opportunities and flourish.

Our Program for Educational Aid contributes to ensuring children embark on a promising journey in their early years. Our initiatives encompass a diverse range of actions such as distributing school kits to youngsters, granting scholarships, assisting with school expenses, financing the operational needs of nurseries and schools, and enhancing educational opportunities for students with disabilities.

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