Providing Medical Aid: A lifeline for those in need

Millions of people around the globe lack access to essential healthcare services

Published: May 11, 2023
Linda and her daughter have been hard hit by the recent pandemic.

In today’s interconnected world, access to adequate medical care should be a basic human right. However, millions of people around the globe still lack access to essential healthcare services.

Refugee camps across Lebanon and Jordan, are not only overcrowded but inadequate sanitation has also led to the rapid spread of infections and diseases. UNHCR reports 60% of refugees in Lebanon live in hazardous or overcrowded conditions.

The UKC4C team are working tirelessly to bridge this gap through the Medical Aid campaign. By providing medical assistance to those in need, UKC4C is transforming lives and creating a healthier future for all.

UKC4C’s Medical Aid campaign focuses on reaching vulnerable refugees and their families who lack access to essential healthcare resources. Through a network of dedicated medical professionals and volunteers, we offer a range of services, including primary healthcare, specialised treatments, surgical interventions, and the provision of vital medications.

Donate today, and we can improve the lives of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan alike.

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