What does 2023 look like for refugees?

Published: January 18, 2023

Last year was a difficult year for refugees around the world. According to the United Nations, a hundred million people were forced to leave their homes in 2022.

Those who survive the treacherous journey stay in unliveable conditions.  Refugee camps across Lebanon and Jordan are overcrowded and unsafe. Poor infrastructure and unsanitary water leave families at constant risk of infections and diseases. UNHCR reports 60% of refugees in Lebanon live in hazardous or overcrowded conditions.

Refugees also tackle the surging levels of poverty. Due to the economic crisis and political instability, the cost of living has soared.

How can you help?

With your help, you can make 2023 a better year for refugees.

UKC4C runs a Refugee Relief programme that includes shelter support, clean water access, food aid, financial aid, and emergency medical support for refugees.

During the colder months, UKC4C also provides financial and winter aid such as fuel to refugees and other vulnerable families. We also offer food parcels which provide a family of four with enough food to last one month.

Donate today and help us support vulnerable refugees.

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60% of refugees in Lebanon live in hazardous or overcrowded conditions.