Help refugees survive this winter

60% of refugees in Lebanon live in hazardous or overcrowded conditions.

Published: December 13, 2022
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The winter months in Lebanon record temperatures as low as -10. The country shelters at least 1.5 million refugees, the largest number of refugees per capita in the world. Due to the harsh weather, refugees are at severe risk of freezing to death.

Refugee camps are not only overcrowded but inadequate sanitation has also led to the rapid spread of infections and diseases. UNHCR reports 60% of refugees in Lebanon live in hazardous or overcrowded conditions.

Due to the economic crisis and political instability, the cost of living in Lebanon has soared. With the Lebanese pound devalued by at least 90% and inflation exceeding 150%, nine of out ten refugees now live in extreme poverty. The price of fuel has also skyrocketed which has left refugees unable to heat up their homes.

How can you help?

At UK Care For Children, we help to relieve the burdens of displacement and poverty from refugees living in Lebanon. Our programs are designed to serve refugee children and their families. This winter, UKC4C will be providing vital financial and winter aid such as fuel to refugees and other vulnerable families. We also offer food parcels which provide a family of four with enough food to last one month.

The cold weather has been relentless and temperatures will continue to fall. Donate today and help refugees survive this harsh winter.

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