10 Days to Ramadan: How are you preparing for the holy month?

Published: March 22, 2022
UKC4C Ramadan 2022 Countdown 06

There are just 10 days until the month of Ramadan begins and although the month comes with challenges, its blessings and rewards make it a truly special and beautiful time of year.

Preparing for Ramadan can seem daunting, but don’t get overwhelmed and focus on our practical tips to get you off to the best start for the month!


  1. Make sincere intention that you will try your best this Ramadan and pray that your efforts are accepted, inshAllah. Remind yourself of this everyday.
  2. Start cutting down on caffeine and daytime snacking from now so its less of a shock to the system.
  3. Wake up a little earlier for Fajr and read some Quran or pray Tahajjud to help you get into a routine.
  4. Do some voluntary fasting to get yourself used to the hours of not eating and drinking.
  5. Look up meal plans and ideas for suhoor and iftar that will keep your nourished and healthy. Focus on foods and supplements that you know will keep your energised and happy.
  6. Prepare a schedule for worship and stay consistent to it.
  7. If you will be giving Zakat in Ramadan, calculate it as early as possible and begin deciding where you need to donate.
  8. Make a list of good deeds you can do. This can include giving food to neighbours, daily sadaqah, checking in on relatives etc.
  9. Reduce your time on electronics. Although our phones and TVs are useful and necessary, give yourself time away from them too.
  10. Make a Dua/Prayer list. Write down what you want from Allah SWT and ask for these things with an open heart.

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