Cold, Fearful and Without Hope…

Published: January 25, 2022
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The ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon is not receiving the attention and concern that is warrants. The World Bank has described the crisis as one of the worst the world has seen since the mid-nineteenth century. Every aspect of life is uncertain, and the future seems to be bleak, with the most vulnerable left unable to afford basic needs.

During a field visit to help find new ways to support the work being done to help those struggling we have been disturbed by the lack of governance with government offices barely running and this is impacting work, schools and any social services still able to operate. Inflation has raised the cost of fuel and food beyond what most people can afford and with salaries devalued, people are struggling to stay afloat.

The cold weather has been harsh and unrelenting this winter. Those needing to heat their homes must then sacrifice food or vital medications. It is hard to convey the millions of ways in which life seems impossible and difficult in Lebanon right now. From electricity to being able to register a birth, everything is chaotic and limited.

This has left people depressed, anxious and unable to envision a future for themselves. The lack of hope has left many wanting to flee the country and this includes skilled workers like doctors, teachers and nurses.

The work of NGOs and community organisations remains vital and is providing those without any lifelines urgent care and support. International charities are working to find strategies to work around the bank’s inflation rates and your donations have more value than ever, literally and in helping others.

Our commitment to refugees and other vulnerable families continues, and we are grateful for your support. You can help us provide fuel, food and financial aid to those in need during the harsh weather and keep them resilient in the absence and obvious solution to this crisis.


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