International Day of the Girl Child

Published: October 11, 2021
UKC4C International Days_International Day of the Girl Child

Today marks the International Day of the Girl Child.

It is important to understand and recognise the ways in which girls are treated, cared for and expected to live across the world and the many disadvantages they face due to their gender. It is also vital to understand that things like refugee-hood, poverty and conflict also add new layers of disadvantage and add to the issues preventing girls from living safe and fulfilling childhoods.

For young refugee girls across Lebanon and Jordan, poverty and displacement have left them vulnerable to child marriage, exploitation, poor health and unable to access education and health care.

We have worked with young girls through our sponsorship and education programmes, and their potential and spirit are clear to us. We have met young girls going through their childhoods surrounded by uncertainty and unable to rely on the adults in their lives whilst coping with the trauma of conflict and displacement. Our programmes support young girls dreaming of being doctors and astronauts, as well as those acting as carers for unwell siblings and relatives or learning vocational trade so they can earn for their families.

Each girl is special and her struggles are more than a child should bear. UK Care for Children remain committed to ensuring we support girls in our aid programmes and we respond to their specific needs in the best way.

It is important to have a day that pushes the issues facing girls to the forefront, but it it more important that all those involved in working with girls work to better their lives and opportunities everyday.

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