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Share the Blessings

Provide food parcels and cash aid for the most vulnerable refugees and their families.

The merciful month of Ramadan has arrived with blessings and opportunities for goodness. As we abstain from food and water during the day, the sweetness of faith is felt when we break the fast with our loved ones together.

Yet for many across the world, Ramadan will be a difficult time. War, earthquakes and famine have left thousands struggling to live in unlivable conditions. Refugee camps across Lebanon and Jordan are overcrowded and unsafe. Poor infrastructure and unsanitary water leave families at constant risk of infections and diseases.

In countries like Lebanon and Jordan, vulnerable children and their families struggle with food insecurity, employment, and access to adequate healthcare. This has huge ramifications for those who need life-saving treatments and medicines.

In the month of Ramadan, why not share the blessings? With your help, UKC4C can provide food parcels and cash aid for the most vulnerable refugees and their families. You can also sponsor a child’s education which will aid them with the tools needed to survive in the world.

So this Ramadan, share the blessings with your generosity. Donate today

How you can make a difference


Satisfy religious dues per day of missed fast


Family Iftar
Hot evening meals, freshly prepared for a family


Food Parcel
food aid to refugee families


Purify your fasting
Zakat al Fitr


Satisfy religious due per day of missed fast


Prophet’s Neighbours
financial assistance to orphans


Light up a Mosque
Fuel for Mosques

Need to Calculate Zakat? Use our handy calculator to easily and accurately calculate your Zakat.

A child in hospital, sponsored by UK Care for Children

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