Education for refugees: How can we support?  

Published: February 9, 2023

This week marks the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science which is honoured globally to promote full and equal access to education for all.

Education is a fundamental human right yet those living in war-torn countries are deprived of access to this basic necessity.

Refugee camps across Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank have limited access to educational materials and funded schools. Children residing in overcrowded camps deal with high levels of poverty which continue to hinder aspirations and academic achievement.

How does UKC4C help?

At UKC4C, we run an Education Aid Campaign across refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank. The team at UKC4C work to deliver school kits to children, provide scholarships, help with school fees, fund the costs of nurseries and schools as well as improve access to education for disabled students.

Education is a human right and should not be a privilege to those who can afford it. With your generosity, we can help provide refugee children with the best start in life.

Donate today and we can improve the lives of refugees.

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