Caring For Our Elders: Supporting Elderly Refugees in Al Jaleel Camp

Published: April 14, 2022
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Age brings new struggles for refugees living in Lebanon. Declining health, fewer economic opportunities, increased costs for food and even loss of friends and family add up for those who have already lived in displacement and poverty. Older refugees in Lebanon have witnessed a shocking amount of instability, violence and now have also had to survive a deadly Pandemic.

Al Jaleel Camp in the Bekaa region of Lebanon is a small and isolated camp and now also have refugees from Syria living in and around it. The camp’s resources are limited and it is far from economic centers which means employment is also limited. Many people have left to move to cities and there are many older refugees who have no family close by or who have lost their loved ones.

Our Elderly Sitter Project utilises local volunteers to spend time with elders everyday during Ramadan to ensure they are not alone and can have some of their daily care needs met. The project also had a event for the elders so they can interact with their volunteer carers and have some fun! The project also provided medicines and other medical devices such as wheelchairs for those in need.

The below pictures show the project in action where our elders had a great time and are very grateful for the company and the care during this blessed month.

They expressed their happiness at the project, for making the feel good and also told us about their hopes to go back to Palestine and to visit Al Aqsa. They also spoke about wanting happiness and peace for everyone, as only a kind grandparent can do!

You can help us do more for vulnerable elder refugees this Ramadan and beyond. Donate today!

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