A Time for Sacrifice and Generosity

Published: July 7, 2021

The month of Dhul Hijjah is significant and holy for Muslims as is also the month in which Eid al Adha is celebrated and people complete the Hajj pilgrimage.

Eid al Adha is celebrated by the sacrifice of an animal which is referred to as Udhiyya or Qurbani. The meat of this sacrifice is supposed to be distributed to those in need and also amongst your own friends and family. The days of Eid al Adha are a time of joy and the eating of Qurbani meat is part of this celebration.

Is Qurbani Obligatory? 

Qurbani is widely believed to be wajib (compulsory) for all Muslims sound of mind and with the financial means to complete it.

For those that cannot, it is not a sin to not perform Qurbani. Even those who consider this an important Sunnah also encourage Muslims to perform it because of the rewards associated with it and the way it shares food on the days of Eid.

What Animal Can Be Sacrificed? 

The act of Qurbani is a serious and important act and the animal being sacrificed must be healthy, at a certain age of maturity and treated with respect.

Goats, sheep, cows and camels are the main animals that are sacrificed during this time. Goats and sheep are small animals and count as one sacrifice, whilst larger animals are divided into 7 shares.

How Does UKC4C Ensure My Qurbani Is Shariah Compliant?

Our field office work closely with local livestock farmers to ensure we purchase the best animals for sacrifice and we also visit on the days of Eid to check things are being completed as instructed. We then work to distribute the meat to our beneficiaries, making sure your Qurbani reaches those most in need.

We also have the £95 Frozen Qurbani option which is completed outside of Lebanon and Jordan and is then frozen and shipped to Lebanon and Jordan at a later date and distributed to families in need.

Either way, our many years of experience and commitment to ensuring you religious rites are performed correctly means you can rest assured that everything is done according to the Shariah.

How Else Can I Help Refugee Families?

If you have decided to complete your Qurbani elsewhere, you can still share your Eid and Light Up Lives this Al Adha by donating towards our meat parcels, food parcels and financial aid.

By donating towards meat parcels, you will ensure a family gets blessed Qurbani meat on the days of Eid and they can celebrate like they should. It may also be one of the few times in the year they get to have meat and it helps local farmers!

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